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Ludmilla Braguina

is  a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.

She is an owner of the LIGHT Hypnotherapy Studio.

LIGHT Hypnotherapy Studio's mission 

is to provide Hypnosis and therapeutic treatments in a safe, caring and completely confidential environment. 

We are here to help and provide effective relief from emotional and physical complications while always remaining respectful of your personal feelings. 

Ludmilla is reliable,  passionate and well qualified therapist with ages of experience in the field of alternative therapy. She delivers a wide range of Hypnotheraputic treatments and can tailor each Hypnotheraputic session to the client's needs and preferences.

Ludmilla's Qualifications:

Diploma of Hypnosis - Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Motivation (Melbourne, VIC) - 2014

Power Hypnosis Certificate - Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Motivation (Melbourne, VIC) - 2014

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Academy of Hypnotic Science (Melbourne, VIC) - 2013

Certificate of Counselling - Academy of Hypnotic Science (Melbourne, VIC) - 2013

Certificate IV of Hypnotherapy - Academy of Hypnotic Science (Melbourne, VIC) - 2012

Ego State Therapy, Clinical training - Dr Gordon Emmerson (Melbourne, VIC) - 2013

Past Life Regression Therapy, Clinical training - The Weiss Institute (USA) - 2012, 2014

Diploma of Massage and Remedial Therapy - Life Gate Academy and Om Shanti College - 2007

Certified Javanese Magnetist - IMMA Certification (Melbourne, VIC) - 2014

Master Usui and Tibetan Systems of Reiki Healing  (Spiral of Light, ACT) - 2009

Ludmilla is a Professional Member of:

The Australian Hypnosis Alliance (TAHA),(2016)

Australian Hypnotherapists Association, PM 0214394 (2012)

Association of Massage Therapists, G-6298 (2006)

LIGHT Hypnotherapy Studio , Canberra ACT

ABN - 80154827607