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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

I am Ludmilla Braguina, your dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

At LIGHT Studio Hypnotherapy  we believe that everyone’s Life Is a Guided Hypnotic Tour

Some of our Life choices were made for us long time ago by our parents, teachers, or even strangers.

If You feel those choices have led you in some way to unhappiness, confusion or emotional pain, I can show you 

how it could be healed, so Your recovery through counselling and hypnotherapy will take place at LIGHT Studio.

In the comfortable peaceful environment of the LIGHT Studio in complete confidentiality Your Hypnotherapy sessions will be tailored to your personal needs and concerns and will assist You with the following:

Stress management 

Body Image and Weight Management 

Procrastination - Lack of Focus and Motivation

Grief and Loss 

Self-Confidence - Future Visualisations

 Phobias and Anxiety

...perhaps there are some other questions that are clouding your mind at the moment ... why not give us a call

0412 299 637

Our initial discussion and your first 30 minutes appointment are FREE and are conducted in complete confidentiality 

with no other paperwork or commitment required. It is easy to arrange by phone or email (LINK)

Your following Hypnotherapy sessions will be tailored in accordance with our initial discussion and your will.

 The experience will give You new solutions to important aspects of your life.

 It will allow you to feel confident and happier. It will help you to successfully overcome emotional issues associated with 

pain, fear, phobias, love and health that are affecting you right now.

Call us 

0412 299 637 

for a friendly chat about You and the potentials of Hypnotherapy

at the LIGHT Hypnotherapy Studio 

a safe, caring and completely confidential environment

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